21 Dec 2015

future tenses review

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The Big Bang Theory on Christmas tradition (The maternal congruence) ep 11 s3

Fill in the blanks with the words you hear. It is the first scene after the initial credits of THIS EPISODE:

 Scene: The apartment.

Penny: I just love __________________ the Christmas tree. It makes me feel like a little girl again.

Leonard: We didn’t have a tree when I was _____________________.

Penny: Really? Why not?

Leonard: Mmm, in my family, holidays weren’t so much ____________________ as studied for their anthropological and psychological implications on __________________ society.

Penny: Oh, sounds festive. Did you at least give ____________________?

Leonard: Mmm, in a way. We presented papers, and then broke off into focus groups and critiqued each other.

Penny: Sheldon, what about you? Did you ___________________a Christmas tree?

Sheldon: Oh, yes. We had a tree, we had a manger, we had an inflatable _______________________ with plastic reindeer on the front lawn. And to make things even more jolly, there were so many blinking _________________ on the house they induced neighbourhood-wide seizures.

Penny: So I take it you don’t want to ________________ us trim the tree.

Sheldon: I do not. But if you insist on _____________________a spider-infested fire hazard in my home I would request that you add this.

Penny: What is it?

Sheldon: You’re kidding, right? It’s a bust of Sir _____________________.

Penny: Oh, sure, sure, yeah. Very Christmassy.

Sheldon: Wait, excuse me, but it’s much more Christmassy than anything you’ve put on the tree.

Leonard: Here we go.

Sheldon: December 25, 1642, Julian calendar, Sir Isaac Newton is _________________ Jesus, on the other hand, was actually born in the ___________________. His birthday was moved to coincide with a traditional pagan holiday that celebrated the _________________ solstice with lit fires and slaughtered goats. Which, frankly, sounds like more _____________________ than 12 hours of church with my mother followed by a fruitcake.

Leonard: Merry Newton-mas, everyone.

Sheldon: I sense that’s not sincere, although I have no idea why.

Penny: No, it’s fine. Look, Sir Isaac can go right next to this little candy cane.

Sheldon: No. Isaac goes at the ____________________of the tree.

Leonard: No, he ___________________________.

14 Dec 2015

Basic web 3: Using the internet

Do all 7 sections about using the internet:

Using the web

Summarize every part inside each section in two or three sentences and post it in your blog. Any questions on vocabulary or structures you have, you can ask in class. After we finish all the lessons, you will have to choose what topic about using the internet you want to present in class, which will be a speaking mark and we are also going to do a Vocabulary Test.

15 Oct 2015

Basic web 2: Email & Sharing

Do all 5 sections on email and sharing.

Email & sharing

Make a list of the most important vocabulary in the different sections. And after we finish all the sections, you will have to explain in class what is your use of email and sharing in different social nets (speaking activity). You will also have to do a writing activity consisting on you posting an email in your blog (with the correct structre) telling me about a normal week (correct tense) in your life and the lessons you take at school.